I came to listen to Matt Wertz song entitled 5:19 and right then I went ga-ga with the song. I was attracted to its musical style, in similarity with that of John Mayer’s,( I loved his music!) that I choose it as soundtrack in my friendster page. I googled the lyrics, and to found out it related to my feeling (and my boyfriend’s, for that matter.)

One eye on the clock And one on the phone

It’s 5:19…. I’m feeling alone

If I could talk to you I’d want you to know

I’m holding loose But ain’t letting go.


Harry Potter Fever

This is the second week of the JK Rowling’s fifth book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the cinemas, and I still have not got into the hype of watching it the soonest. Unlike the previous installments where we, my sisters and I, had to endure sitting in the stairs of the moviehouse so as not to be behind from the talk of the town, now it just lost its appeal on me. Maybe because I have’nt read the book yet. My sisters keep on bantering me to watch it, since I get to pay for the tickets! and well, school stuff; everyone in school will be talking about it.

Well, my sister lent me a copy of the book, which by the way, is the thickest one among those previous books. How could I possibly finish it until this weekend? hmmm.