what a feeling!

Today I got up soo so early, it was still 3am when I checked on my watch. It was a rare incidence because I normally would wake up around 6-7am, just before I get myself ready for work at around 8. Maybe because its TGIF fever (thank God it’s Friday!). I didn’t know what to do, since I was not sleepy anymore. Mindy was out-of-town so I had no one to bug or wake up. I now remember I just had a bad dream, actually a gross one! Read: there were rats, two of them running out from my mouth! Yuck! That was enough to make me wide awake! since the world outside was still very quiet, I decided to check on my phone though I know no one will be texting me on that unholy hour. I thought of when am I gonna start on my “turning ordinary things to extraordinary things” project. I got that idea on a flickr website. Hmmm, on my birthday perhaps? That would be good timing to start on something fresh…
Now, my head’s starting to ache. I only got six hours of sleep! Plus a very hectic day today in the office; i think I’m going to sleep early tonight. Mindy and I agreed we will go jogging tomorrow early dawn. Time to shed some fats!


98 degrees

Last night my mindy and I were talking nonsense while we were ready to sleep. Then reminiscing good ‘ole days in college when the boyband 98 degrees was still on top of fame, we had a rundown of their hits. My favorite among it was “Invisible Man” while his was “I do(cherish you)”. I lost track of the lyrics so I had to browse the net. Reading through the lyrics brough memories of my being a hopeless romantic at that time.

I wish you’d look at me that way
Your beautiful eyes looking deep into mine
Telling me more than any word could say
but you don’t even know I’m alive
Baby to you all I am
is the invisible man…

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here i am again

This morning I felt that I need to go to work early for some reason I did not know. I got up and finished dressing up 30 minutes earlier than I normally do. Thought this has something to do with updating my web logs. Just as I thought…