work-life balance

Browsing through various mommy sites, blogs, whatsoever and I often encounter the phrase WORK-LIFE BALANCE. I did not give it much thought since its not that interesting or I don’t think I can apply it in my everyday life, not unless its something that can make my son utter words in an instant. This idea being just coined recently is something of a new age philosophical discovery. Well, not really. It is still a classic concept but expressed in a modern terminology. Given that word, what comes to mind immediately is a picture of a career woman doing her best in workplace and at the same time being effective in being a mom. As the name itself suggests, it is the balance between work life, and personal life according to Wikipedia definition, and the proper prioritization of what come first.

As a working mom, I am trying my best to achieve that. Being at my best at work, my best at home especially in being a wife and mom, and the very best in balancing both.

WORK. LIFE. Balanced. That’s what I want.


Wisdom from Kung Fu Panda

Eversince I was a kid I am already a fan of Kung Fu movies. I think I have already watched most of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films. Learning karate or any form of martial arts was one frustration I always had; it would now be impossible for me to start training. Well, it is never too late to learn they say, but I would rather Wackie learn martial arts for me, of course when he gets older.
Just a while ago I just finished watching this animated movie, and as expected there were lots of fight scenes which of course are still kid- friendly. Instead of people characters, animals represent the various characters in this tale which centers on believing in one’s innate capacity to overcome his limitations and taking advantage of his strengths. With Kung Fu being founded with many disciplines and philosophies, this movie is not complete without kung fu masters uttering one wise word or another. Master Oogway, a tortoise, who is the elder master gave most of the wisdom that guided the lead character Po the panda. I have encountered this quote, mostly in text message, and this is one of the more inspirational quotes by the elder master.

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift, that’s why it is called present.

Pondering on this proverb I came to realize that today,as a gift, I must enjoy what life gives me. Take advantage of what the present moment there is; stop and smell the flowers, take a pause and reflect. Realize the importance of the now moment and think of the capacity that I am endowed with to handle life’s challenges. Armed with this knowledge then I will be ready to face tomorrow that unfolds.

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movie break

During my single hood days, I would just while away the weekend by camping infront of the tv set and watch DVDs until my eyes can’t take them anymore. I miss those fridays that I would take home movie titles to gobble up on weekends, those days when I still don’t have a love life, because when I got my self a boyfriend there was some kind of a shift in my weekend movie schedule. Well, that’s entirely a different story to tell. Anyway, all of us at home- my parents and sisters were also fond of watching movies together so that makes us all movie junkies.

Two weeks ago I have watched again Serendipity for the nth time. I cannot anymore recall how many times I have watched this movie, and how many times I have written about it in my social networking sites. It somehow just became a part of me, I mean this movie is something I can totally relate to. Definitely not the storyline, it’s really too good to be true but who knows if it really happened in real life. Well, I just can’t help but feel cheesy and mushy as the movie went on. Even if I almost memorized the scenes there are some parts that I want to replay over again. Reviewing a certain part made me think what if it had a different continuation? To those who can relate, what if Jonathan pushed through with his wedding? Would he and Sarah still find their way with each other? For me what made it more worth watching again and again is the fairytale element of the story, as if all the odds conspired to bring them together. With the help of internet I searched for a more clearer version of a line made by the male lead Jonathan. To quote:

“Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.”

A realist would judge the story to be something that would take place one in a million chances, but I believe that somehow, it does happen, however slim the chance may be.

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Thirty minus One

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I think of my birthdays as a time for reflection on the “what went on” during the year, and as far as I remember, I have been doing this for quite a number of years already since I turned twenty. I am fond of writing little notes here and there and then I keep it on a storage box after wards – I mean I WAS. Now I can hardly find time to scribble, put reflections on paper, I somehow lost myself in the busy-ness of life. However, this year as I celebrated my birthday yesterday I am writing this stuff in keeping up with the tradition I imposed myself to.
I was deeply touched by one wall post I got from a very dear friend yesterday. To reflect on her words I would quote:

Joan- a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend. Just some of who you have been in this life. Needless to say you have been good– exemplary of who you are. Your life is worth celebrating. Happy birthday!

I am especially struck with that exemplary part. Shocked would not be the right word, amazed? Maybe. I am humbled that she thought of me that way. I never thought of myself as exemplary. If I would rate myself, I am just on the passing mark. Exemplary would mean worthy of imitation, something that for me is a far fetched idea. I consider myself as just another ordinary girl. Everything about me is ordinary, even if I believe that every man is unique. There is such a particular order of the roles that made an impression. For me I’m not that exemplary as a daughter; I have my fair share of stubbornness and false sense of self-sufficiency. To elaborate more would take another story. As a sister, I have been not really that worth imitating, nor I’m the worst. Again, I am just on the ordinary. My sisters and I have our memories of cat fights as well as fun moments that we enjoyed just merely watching silly flicks on television. What stood out from my recollections is that one when our parents were out I got my sisters drunk after we tried drinking gin with powdered fruit juice, and one sister threw up and got stomach pains but thankfully it was not worse. Being a wife, I’m far from the perfect wife that most men desire, but I think I’m good enough for my husband- that’s why he married me. I’m not the typical housewife whipping dishes in the kitchen and maintaining a garden, nor the sophisticated wife who rubs elbows with her husband’s colleagues while sipping champagne on an evening cocktail. Again, I am just on the typical.
But I would like to differ on being a mother, which for me I am at my best,well for an average mom. I am proud to say that even while I am just new to being a mother, and that all I do for my kid is like most moms do, I am doing everything I can though grappling,learning something new each day. Every kid is unique, in terms of how they are made to be raised, and it all depends on the people that surround them as they are growing up. In my perspective, my being a mom is exemplary in a unique, ordinary way. I’m getting lost in words but I hope you get what I mean.

I just turned 29. What would life bring me this year, I wonder. I always make it a point to have some time for self-evaluation. In my past birthdays I recall I asked the same question, yet life gave me different answers each year. Answers that define the very being I am now. I am in constant search for what could describe what I feel, what could represent my present state of being, even in a word…

And that word is GRATITUDE.