It is Sunday today and the FM stations in the radio are playing flashback, classic songs. Here I chanced upon a very great song, at least for me. It is my personal favorite, Journey by Lea Salonga.


My further browsing led me to the fact that this song is composed by Julie Gold, who is also the composer of another personal favorite song, From a Distance by Bette Midler. These two songs have equally inspiring lyrics, guaranteed to lift my spirits every time I am in down moments.



According to most dictionaries, to commence has the same meaning with to begin, to start. I had the urge to look up for the meaning of that word one day during my elementary school years when I got curious why our school’s stage was decorated “commencement exercises” during graduation. Then, being young in mind I had this question : if commencement means the starting point,how can this graduation be a beginning? 
Yesterday afternoon I had the chance to be a part of a commencement exercise. I had the opportunity to attend and finish a skills training course. It was bittersweet, knowing I had toiled hard and spent my weekends attending classes, while I should have opted to stay home or be elsewhere on those times. It feels great, but at the same time sad. It was more or less the same feeling I had during my previous graduations. Parting is such a sweet sorrow, they say. I am going to miss the people and the relationships we built for the weekends that we have been together. 
Going back to commencement. Having attended a number of graduations it is therefore correct to say commencement because it is a portal to another phase of a graduate’s life. Life, is after all, a series of commencements. Some things end to give way to things that are yet to begin. Our lives should be open to a lot of commencements, and making sure that we take something out of the journey. Lessons perhaps, that are going to be useful in everyday decisions. 

Starting all over again

The year 2011 is about to end but this won’t stop me from giving my blog life a fresh start. I really hope this will REALLY make me inspired to post stuff REGULARLY. I will not anymore dwell on my other past blog sites as it will just remind me of my failure to keep up with my promises to myself and giving in to temptation ( a.k.a. procrastination ). 

With such blog title, I am going to share my personal take on anything and everything  that comes to my mind, even how little and trivial that thought might be. 
I would also like to encourage comments, positive or negative ( but please put it in a constructive manner)  so I would be more inspired to put in entries every time. 
So enough said. I hope you like this online diary.