Love- Hate Relationship

I have an on- and-off relationship with my online life, particularly in following through with this website. One moment I am so into this, and yet I find myself in the middle of things like work, child-rearing, family time, even being self-absorbed and so this writing outlet will once again be shelved aside,covered in the cloud of more important things, again waiting to be uncovered.  Hence, the title of this post. 

I am still getting the hang of my site, and even my brain is not yet organized so I put on a little of just about anything that comes to mind. I have yet to find my niche, on what interests I will focus my writing on. For now, hope you find sense in my posts.



Who are You?

What would you do if you wake up one morning on a strange place and not know the person laying beside you? A normal person’s instinct would be to really freak out loud and panic, if I, God forbid would be put in such situation I cannot imagine to what extent will my reaction be.
I came across the word amnesia and what came to mind instantly was the movie 50 First Dates. It was such a sweet movie, and it has been one of my all-time favorite flicks. What appealed to me was the fun and summer-ry atmosphere and the love aspect of the movie. I’m a fan of Drew Barrymore- Adam Sandler combination; their first hit movie together the Wedding Singer is another classic favorite. Reviews classified it a romantic-comedy movie so expectedly, its approach on supposedly serious topic was taken very lightly; in this case the amnesia of Drew Barrymore’s character. Giving a more critical outlook on the subject would mean losing the comedic appeal of the movie. Those who have been giving it a critical review would agree that the story may have not been realistic on the way the amnesia is being tackled. I, for one,find it absurd the particular scene where Lucy’s ( Drew’s character ) brother and father would re-enact the events on that same day when the accident happened, for how many long years.

Despite the irony of the plot, I still find it a cute, funny, feel-good movie that make us think how far in real life can we go for love, and relationships.