A Word A Week Challenge: Castle

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. “- Walt Disney

I am one affected with the Pottermania and I wanted so much to visit Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Literally, it is a castle as seen in all angles. There is something with this castle that enchants me, that’s why I have been a fan of Harry Potter ever since.

I want to roam the halls of this castle someday
I want to roam the halls of this castle someday.

On a lighter note, I have been to Shrek and Fiona’s Far, Far Away kingdom. Only that it was inside Universal Studios Sentosa Singapore. Upon seeing the make-believe castle I instantly traveled back in time when I was still a kid, where I have vivid imaginations of princesses and castles. The kid inside me was really thrilled with the adventure ride Enchanted Airways. Here’s a pose in front of the castle.

Visit to Shrek and Fiona's Kingdom
Visit to Shrek and Fiona’s Kingdom

I am kind of fascinated with royalty and the Medieval way of life, so maybe that’s also why I like castles. I hope to visit more castles in my lifetime.

A Word A Week Challenge- Castle


Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

In answer to the Daily Prompt, what life would be without a computer?

I never really got to operate an actual computer before I finished high school. I was given a crash course in basic computer operation during the summer break, but I think it really did not sink in my mind. All I did anyway was studying the typing tutor. We just bought a surplus computer just a year prior from the Y2K, a Pentium 1 when the latest would be a Pentium 4. It was during the time when carrying floppy disks was perceived as cool, but one accidental drop and poof!.files get corrupted. Better rely on the good ol’ typewriter for that.

I just wrote a trackback of my first moments with a computer. I am in the memory lane when my world was not yet invaded by technology. I was still very young that time, and I did spend my childhood mostly outside exploring the things around. Certainly, life was very simple, uncomplicated and easy. At least in a child’s point of view.

Now, I cannot imagine life if all the computers in the world will suddenly vanish. Not just computers, we will include the smartphones, tablets and all gadgets computer-related. Especially for me, our communication with my husband depends on computers. We live on different continents with different time zones, and technology is really the one that kept us close. There is no way for me to give up my online habit. Even if we will be living  with him in the future, still computers have a big role in keeping my ties with the rest of our families. That is just the sole reason for holding on to my computer. But then again if all my loved ones are just around, maybe that will be the time I can live without a computer.

Emerald Park, Regina, SK. Where my heart is.
Emerald Park, Regina, SK.
Where my heart is.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

sunset from Walkway

This is my take on the weekly photo challenge: MASTERPIECE. I took this photograph, and has been one of my favorite snapshots using just a compact digital camera. That explains why the file is relatively small since I cannot increase the size without making the photo blurry.

I took this photograph from the top of a mountain in Camiguin Island, Philippines while my hubby and I together with some really good friends went on a penitential trek on this holy mountain during Holy Week. It was indeed a timely moment for me, capturing this very nice image,as we are on a meditative mood that time. Makes me appreciate in awe the wonders of nature and the Creator.


Resting on Our Laurels

A certain warrior received a medal for each battle he won.

His friends admired his courage and the women adored his charisma.

After some years the medals were so numerous that they covered his whole uniform.

One afternoon, in the middle of a difficult combat, the warrior was almost hit by his enemy’s sword.

“I have always been the best, and today I nearly lost,” thought the warrior.

But immediately he realized what the problem was: the weight of the medals prevented him from fighting with agility.

He tossed the tunic of his uniform to the ground, returned to the battle field, and defeated his enemies.

“Victory can give me confidence, but it must not become a weight to be carried.”

Story from Paulo Coelho’s blog.


I find this short story a fitting metaphor for us people who are satisfied with our achievements, and do not make further action to move on to something new to improve ourselves. Sometimes we tend to be overwhelmed with what we have at present, our laurels so to speak.  I, for one have gone through such experience with myself and have seen people close to me being swallowed with the pride of having so much to boast of in their life and career. Resting on these temporary glory narrows the mind thereby preventing it from  absorbing new knowledge.

We might not realize the impact of that complacency but it will then slowly drag us down, too late to realize that we have been basking on the glory that has-been. Waking up one day and seeing that the times have changed, with us being left behind.