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Lay Dehonian Outreach Programs

Being part of a community outreach gives a sense of self-fulfillment; being able to share a portion of my time and effort in making others feel the grace of God and realize that there are still people who care.

As Lay Dehonians we also have roles in our family, work and other communities that we belong to. We are called to share in the charism and spirituality of Fr. Leo John Dehon, and that includes sharing the love and service in the Church and its people. Living in the secular realm we are not blind to the harsh realities that beset our less-fortunate brothers and sisters, and it is but second-nature for us to think of ways that can help them in our own ways.

Together with the SCJ Priests in their apostolate work, the Lay Dehonians collaborate with them through various outreach programs, such as medical missions and feeding programs to the areas where the Priests of the Sacred Heart hold their pastoral work. Missions are done annually or twice a year, but usually during Christmas season when everyone is in jovial spirits, and have something to spare.

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