About Me


Just nine months ago, God has finally answered our prayers, and now our family of three is already complete. We are now new Canadian immigrants, seeking a greener pasture in this foreign land. (When we say green pasture, it is subjective but that would be a different topic.) So now, I have to wear another hat, and that is being a foreigner trying to blend in this intimidating yet welcoming culture.

Although this blog has been through so much, and it’s just one year short of a decade from my first blog post, I hope this will enable me to continue what I aimed to fulfill in this blog, that is to have an avenue to express myself raw and free, without judgement and discrimination, and find support from like- minded souls.

So I hope you enjoy reading. Thank you.


I am Joan.
My blog reflects the kind of life I am currently in, as I juggle with wearing different hats in my day to day journey: As a Filipino,a daughter, sister, grandchild, a friend, full time worker, full time mom, a runner wannabe, a photo enthusiast, movie junkie, sucker for shoes, a hopeful cook, dreamer, democrat, deeply catholic, a wife of the most handsome dream lover I have laid my eyes on and a mother to the most adorable little man in the whole wide universe.

I am just your average thirty something, who loves to read and write. I am struggling with the idea of putting my thoughts into words since I have been into many things these past days, months, years even. I have lots of interests in mind, but this is where the saying ” Jack of all trades but a master of none” comes in, and sort of holds true to me.

Coming to my senses and this time with a better resolve to really do what I have been meaning to do all these time. To come up with more insightful, thought-provoking post that comes form the heart.

What better moment to start my goal of having a regular, updated blog than today. TODAY! I will not procrastinate.

I usually find myself nonsensical, if that be an excuse for some absurdity once in a while. Nevertheless, I invite you to take a peek at my little world.

I have always appreciated good photographs. Not with a particular type, but for as long as it catches my interest and it has that artistic feel when I look at it. Admiring those what I see lead me to aim of having my own collection. As my camera is very far from the one professionals use in capturing breathtaking snaps, some have very low quality and kind of pixelated.

But it does not matter. This is my blog. Feel free to comment constructively. We all live in a free world with respect.




  1. maynotbesoanonymous · December 6, 2015

    Wow! It just shows how God moves in His own perfect ways – I hope you guys would have a wonderful Christmas there in Canada. 🙂

    • itsmejoan_up · December 8, 2015

      I appreciate you dropping by my post. It’s a great motivation to write regularly. Thank you, and yes, our first white Christmas. Have a wonderful holidays too.

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