Wackie’s moment


I love the stroller

We just came from a four day trip to Cebu and Bohol: me, hubby Mindy and little Wackie. This trip was planned as early as last year since we booked a round trip flight availing of the airfare promo. We already arranged everything before the schedule- vacation leaves from work, checklists on what to bring especially that we had a toddler in tow. We even secured a folding stroller anticipating that this is going to really put a strain in our arms if we keep on carrying Wackie. True enough, the stroller served its purpose, especially during nap and eating time, and to keep the little guy’s tantrums a little manageable.

Wackie in relax mode

I was particularly grateful we brought this along our mall strolling one afternoon that he slept soundly inside the very air conditioned mall. He was tired that day after our flight.