It Might be You

Moments ago I browsed through an interview of Dustin Hoffman, on how he came to do the film Tootsie in the early 80’s.



Looking on, I learned that  the theme song for the movie was It Might be You by Stephen Bishop. Well, another trip down memory lane, as I was very fond of this song when I was still in my teenage years for it was the theme song of my favorite local TV love team Peachy and Wacks. ( These are character names, FYI. Partly, this is what inspired my son’s name Wackie.)



This post is about the song so here it is.

Enjoy the video.


The Parent Trap


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My Sunday afternoon television viewing was made pleasant when HBO showed one of my favorite movies of the 90’s, The Parent Trap. The first time we watched the movie was in VHS format, together with my parents and sisters. I especially liked the story since it focuses on a universal theme which is about Family.


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The film stars the 11-year old Lindsay Lohan who is very effective of her role as the identical twins Hallie and Annie, separated by birth due to the divorce of their parents. Hallie grew up in a vineyard in Napa Valley, California with her dad while Annie was raised with her mom who is a famous wedding gown designer in London, UK.  Growing up without their knowledge of having a twin, both were astounded when they both went to a summer camp and discovered that they really look alike, and that they were indeed twins. They decided to switch places at the end of the camp so that each would experience what the other parent is like. Complications arise when their dad is engaged to very young publicist who is obviously only after their dad’s wealth, so the twins’ adventure to bring back their parents together has begun, hence the title Parent Trap.

While watching I was surprised as to how nice the soundtrack selection is in this particular movie. It includes Here She Goes by the La ( whose version I prefer than Sixpence None the Richer’s) the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun for the British scenes, L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole that I think is commonly used as a soundtrack  in the romantic comedy film genre. Not to forget the Am I the Same Girl instrumental version, it’s called the Soulful Strut. I just love it.

To sum up, it was such a really feel-good family movie, and I don’t mind watching them over again.