Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey


This journey is one of the highlights of my life’s existence.MARRIAGE. My hubs and I have been on this journey for 3 years and hopefully thirty folds more. These three years have not been short on the experiences, happy, memorable ones, as well as the not-so pleasant ones that leave life lessons along the way. I have known Mindy 5+ years into our courtship before we decided to become Mr. & Mrs.,   and to say that our togetherness for almost a decade now is an awesome one, is an understatement. I like the flow of our daily routines, although it is a crazy one, but it is something we built and brought to heart that makes our family unique.

I am thankful that I am journeying on this path with Mindy. Whether it is a work of fate, or an answered prayer that we ended up destined with each other, the fact remains that we must not be contented of just having each other. Marriage, among all other things, also needs a regular check-up. Courtship efforts does not end right after saying “I do”. Things that we normally do during our boyfriend/girlfriend days  are still in order, albeit sparingly already but one has to think of the quality, not quantity right? In the early days into marriage, what mattered was just the two of us; but as things and events unfolded we found ourselves in the midst of thickening distractions; our baby, respective demanding careers, finances and what else around. Its getting in the way of our healthy marriage.

Hubs and I have this two words that we vowed to uphold: C and L. Communication and Listening ( well, listening is also part of the communication process, but we had to highlight it).  It is the way in which we approach daily struggles and dilemmas. We all know that communication plays a vital role in every human relationship. I am thankful that we have this C and L. Need I say more?

On this three years of married life, we are blessed to have each other,a very wonderful son, a modest house we call our own, our families combined, great friends, and most of all, God’s grace to sustain us in our everyday journey. I look forward to what awaits us in the coming more years.

“Think of the dreams you have weathered together. They are intimate accomplishments.”

Thank you hubby dear for giving me this journey with you.



Adventure of another kind

Each of us goes through a phase in life that will become a turning point for the direction that we will be heading to. It is a matter of deciding wisely, for it will make or break us, so to say, and that the future lies on that certain decision.
Since the time that I need to think of my future and the kind of life I will lead, I thought of living a simple life, just as the way I lived when I was still in the care if my parents. Just as imagined, I lived another typical existence: a girl fresh from college struggling to establish a career and eventually gain independence. Five years into a relationship with a man who I eventually married and started a family, life itself is as normal as anyone. Became a mother to a baby son, and thus another typical existence commenced. Any person in a situation just like mine would definitely agree that at some point, we came to reflect if this are all that life has to offer. If I look my life now using the eyes that I had, say, 10 years ago, I would not definitely trod this kind of path, honestly. I think this is a confined life, a life lacking in adventure. I am not a certified wanderlust but, yes I love to travel. Being single and worry-free, I only have myself to look after to. There was a time where my overnight backpack do not get to rest over on weekends, either there was a sleepover at a friend’s house, or an out of town trip somewhere, especially during long weekends.
Fast forward ten years later, I’m turning 30 (gosh!) and having a 2 year old son and a husband so dear, what could be more adventurous than this life? There are so many definitions of adventure, and probably all of it is subjective, depends on how we define it. This sense of adventure I’m experiencing comes from the fact that ” Everyday is a new day”; means that I encounter different things, which requires from me a different approach to deal with, to solve, to respond to these situations. We have been told time and again that ” Life is a constant change”. I look at adventure as something that we do not know what lies ahead. We just have to go ahead and do it.
Motherhood is the greatest adventure I am treading on so far. It give me the highs, and the lows as well. Well lately, the lows are freaking me out. I get my nerve wrecked if I sense something is wrong with my little one. My husband says sometimes I’m overreacting, but he can’t blame me. All of us mothers can agree that our maternal instincts always get a red alert.
So I guess I poured out my sentiments. This a great adventure!

My mind seems so blank

After a week full of stress, I don’t know if i will get a breather. These days, everything is so hectic that I don’t even have time to unwind, and my only time spent at home is on evenings and I cant even spend much time bonding with my son. I so miss him, and I’m a bit guilty on not being there when he needs me, and most especially I feel sorry for myself because I’m not there to witness his milestones, like his first step. I know he walked when we were not around, but I guess this is just the price to pay for being a full time working mom, some things just needs to be like this..
I had a very stressful week these past days, and I think its not going any better, I just got some time updating this blog since I cant go to sleep now, I did not take any coffee and yet my system isn’t showing any slowdown,I mean my mind. There are lots of things going on in my head, one of this is giving my husband a massage.Oh how can I do that when he’s already sleeping like a dog, and I am dead tired, yet my mind is so active. Any idea on how to do it with just using brainwaves?

work-life balance

Browsing through various mommy sites, blogs, whatsoever and I often encounter the phrase WORK-LIFE BALANCE. I did not give it much thought since its not that interesting or I don’t think I can apply it in my everyday life, not unless its something that can make my son utter words in an instant. This idea being just coined recently is something of a new age philosophical discovery. Well, not really. It is still a classic concept but expressed in a modern terminology. Given that word, what comes to mind immediately is a picture of a career woman doing her best in workplace and at the same time being effective in being a mom. As the name itself suggests, it is the balance between work life, and personal life according to Wikipedia definition, and the proper prioritization of what come first.

As a working mom, I am trying my best to achieve that. Being at my best at work, my best at home especially in being a wife and mom, and the very best in balancing both.

WORK. LIFE. Balanced. That’s what I want.