work-life balance

Browsing through various mommy sites, blogs, whatsoever and I often encounter the phrase WORK-LIFE BALANCE. I did not give it much thought since its not that interesting or I don’t think I can apply it in my everyday life, not unless its something that can make my son utter words in an instant. This idea being just coined recently is something of a new age philosophical discovery. Well, not really. It is still a classic concept but expressed in a modern terminology. Given that word, what comes to mind immediately is a picture of a career woman doing her best in workplace and at the same time being effective in being a mom. As the name itself suggests, it is the balance between work life, and personal life according to Wikipedia definition, and the proper prioritization of what come first.

As a working mom, I am trying my best to achieve that. Being at my best at work, my best at home especially in being a wife and mom, and the very best in balancing both.

WORK. LIFE. Balanced. That’s what I want.


What about Valentines?

This title would be very timely since it is Valentines Day today. To think I made this draft with this title two years ago, but never had the time to finish it. Anyway…

Seems everyone is is getting carried away by the commercialism that this particular day brings. One can’t really have an excuse that he forgot what’s on February 14 since everything gives a reminder that Valentines day is coming up, and that all must “ride” with the season. I am no exception. I made the love songs folder  my music play list for today. And my husband surprised me with a bouquet of fresh roses. I saw red everywhere: in malls, stores, on television, internet, radio, etc. With it are rising prices of valentine-related commodities like flowers, chocolates, gifts for special someone. It was even reported in the news channel that restaurants and hotels are fully booked on this day. It is as if this day is packaged more especially for lovers, the man-woman relationship.

For me what is often overlooked is that people should realize everyday should be valentines day. Given the hype this day gives us, we should not forget to show our love, affection and thoughtfulness all throughout the year. It is a celebration of family togetherness, love for our partners. Just like Christmas, it should also be a thanksgiving for the greatest love giver that is our God.