New Beginnings

Today’s the first day of the year 2017. Just like most people are accustomed to, now is the starting point of resolutions, accomplishing the bucket lists, and all that  whatnots. 

My previous new years were sort of filled with introspections; I spent a considerable amount of time doing my self-evaluation that I had a special notepad devoted just for the entries. Well, when I run through them once in a while I can’t help but feel silly yet glad that I have made them to remind me of how I fared in this existence. 

This year though, I decided not to get carried away with the hype of all that doing away with the norm. I feel its time to finally break free from the drama. I have not written a single resolution at this point. Simply because its not mandatory that we should decide on something only every new year. We can always do that anytime, and it does not make it less effective if done not on new year’s day. One thing, I just decided to write an entry on new year’s day hoping this will ensue a good start for this blog. Hope I can sustain once again.

To cap it off let me share a picture quote I just screencaptured from Instagram. 

Thanks and happy new year. Hopeful and blessed this 2017. 




      “Everything has its reason”. When  our human capacity for understanding is exhausted then we can always say “Only God knows.” 

      I can still remember how I felt many years ago when I marched the stage on my college graduation. It was victorious and bitter-sweet, sharing the same proud moment with my batchmates. I was filled with dreams, and my mind was overwhelmed at the thought of finally getting a taste of the real thing called life. True to what I envisioned myself I belonged to the corporate world for years at the same time my life happened. Marriage, motherhood, career all came in a frenzy. All did not come easy. There were trying moments but my faith carried me through it all. Turning point came when a door was opened for Hubs to work and eventually apply to migrate in Canada. I was left to raise our then toddler son, physically that is. I became a full time mom for a couple years then went back in the workforce. I was quite getting settled in my new career when our immigration application was approved. This time a major life event took place, we moved our little family to a foreign land. In a way it was not a surprise since we asked and prayed for it. But the feeling when you finally have something you asked for is kind of surreal, unexplainable. Fear somehow creeps in. 

      Nine months after we first came here, I’m still in the business of trying to fit in, belong and finding myself amidst the promise of countless opportunities that await. The only thing that I hold on to is the loving support of my hubs and son and my faith that God will lead me to the path that I envisioned myself to be in, no matter how many detours. 

      Looking Up and Beyond


      I relate Spring Time as a season of rebirth. Coming from a tropical country where we only know of two seasons, I am quite amazed at actually seeing trees and plants grow their leaves after months of being frozen in snow. And the clear blue sky was just calming and awesome. How wonderful is God’s creation.

      This is my view one Sunday afternoon when we went to Wascana Park in Regina City. Hubs and I were lazily sprawled in the grass while little Joaqs just enjoyed himself and his bike.

      My entry for Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

      A Sensitive and Responsive Love

      I was reading a reflection on the second day of Sacred Heart of Jesus novena, on the theme about love as being sensitive and responsive. This poem by Emily Dickenson, an American poet, aptly expresses the desire to have a loving and sensitive heart just like the Heart of Jesus.

      If I can stop one heart from breaking,

      I shall not live in vain;

      If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain,

      Or help one fainting robin,

      Unto his nest again,

      I shall not live in vain.


      Just another “Cause and Effect”

      Children are educated by what the grown-up is, and not by his talk – Carl Jung

      I think that every crime that happens in the world is committed by persons who are themselves victims. More or less, these people have known violence, abuse, neglect, and all other negative things during the early times in their lives. Thinking that avenging every misfortune they have and committing the same to others, they will mend the void but it only adds up to their sins, and only buries them further in the grave of complexity.

      I have been hooked on watching a television series lately and I must say, the mind indeed is a very powerful thing; it can really make impossible things possible. An average mind can only think too much; geniuses are far more in tune with their instincts, and have really used up all the spaces inside this nutshell. The fate of the world will now depends on one thing: the intention of that person- whether he will use it for the good, or otherwise. Being good or bad is something that is not only learned intellect-wise, nor it is only read in the books. It is something that is learned through everyday experience, feelings are involved, and it is modeled, not just seen abstractly. In order for that sense of wrong or right to be fully absorbed in the person, it must start from when the human mind and soul is very raw and fresh. In other words, learning starts from the moment a baby is born, up until he has grown up. As the common knowledge say, learning is a lifelong process. Every experience is a teacher.

      Which brings me to conclude that we should all be careful with what we say and act around children. Their young minds are like blank canvass, the  painting will result on what the painter will paint, plus the emotions attached to it. It will then have an effect on how they will turn out to be as adults, and will then have a say on how our world ends up.

      Just thinking out loud after a two –day marathon of Criminal Minds Season 8.