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Out of the blue musings

New Beginnings

Today’s the first day of the year 2017. Just like most people are accustomed to, now is the starting point of resolutions, accomplishing the bucket lists, and all that  whatnots.  My previous new years were sort of filled with introspections; … Continue reading

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“Everything has its reason”. When  our human capacity for understanding is exhausted then we can always say “Only God knows.”  I can still remember how I felt many years ago when I marched the stage on my college graduation. It … Continue reading

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Looking Up and Beyond

I┬árelate Spring Time as a season of rebirth. Coming from a tropical country where we only know of two seasons, I am quite amazed at actually seeing trees and plants grow their leaves after months of being frozen in snow. … Continue reading

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A Sensitive and Responsive Love

I was reading a reflection on the second day of Sacred Heart of Jesus novena, on the theme about love as being sensitive and responsive. This poem by Emily Dickenson, an American poet, aptly expresses the desire to have a … Continue reading

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Just another “Cause and Effect”

Children are educated by what the grown-up is, and not by his talk – Carl Jung I think that every crime that happens in the world is committed by persons who are themselves victims. More or less, these people have … Continue reading

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