This is my Life

In response to the daily prompt:

This Is Your Life

As we journey in this life, part of it are the setbacks which more often than not, conditions our mind and feelings, and that makes us feel bad about ourselves. I for one,have encountered countless failures, be it trivial or a major life defining decision.Yet, there are times I felt my decisions were wrong. This is where the question comes in: would I want to know everything that will happen in my life, so as to avoid those blunders?

For me, it is a no. The element of surprise will not be there anymore. And its both a blessing and a curse, should I say. A curse, since we cannot avoid feeling fear, despair, anxiety. It can cause strained relationships, broken dreams, and lost self-confidence in the context of our human limitations. But it is a blessing, since I consider praying a form of communing with God, and in praying, it means entrusting all my hopes and desires to Him. I strongly believe in miracles, and have been a witness to it a number of times already. I call it Faith. Although there are times that something negative is imminent, still I turn to my faith in a strong hope that everything will turn out the best. A blessing, because in not knowing what will happen, we become submissive, and rely not on our human limits. SDC10059


Just another “Cause and Effect”

Children are educated by what the grown-up is, and not by his talk – Carl Jung

I think that every crime that happens in the world is committed by persons who are themselves victims. More or less, these people have known violence, abuse, neglect, and all other negative things during the early times in their lives. Thinking that avenging every misfortune they have and committing the same to others, they will mend the void but it only adds up to their sins, and only buries them further in the grave of complexity.

I have been hooked on watching a television series lately and I must say, the mind indeed is a very powerful thing; it can really make impossible things possible. An average mind can only think too much; geniuses are far more in tune with their instincts, and have really used up all the spaces inside this nutshell. The fate of the world will now depends on one thing: the intention of that person- whether he will use it for the good, or otherwise. Being good or bad is something that is not only learned intellect-wise, nor it is only read in the books. It is something that is learned through everyday experience, feelings are involved, and it is modeled, not just seen abstractly. In order for that sense of wrong or right to be fully absorbed in the person, it must start from when the human mind and soul is very raw and fresh. In other words, learning starts from the moment a baby is born, up until he has grown up. As the common knowledge say, learning is a lifelong process. Every experience is a teacher.

Which brings me to conclude that we should all be careful with what we say and act around children. Their young minds are like blank canvass, the  painting will result on what the painter will paint, plus the emotions attached to it. It will then have an effect on how they will turn out to be as adults, and will then have a say on how our world ends up.

Just thinking out loud after a two –day marathon of Criminal Minds Season 8.

Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

In answer to the Daily Prompt, what life would be without a computer?

I never really got to operate an actual computer before I finished high school. I was given a crash course in basic computer operation during the summer break, but I think it really did not sink in my mind. All I did anyway was studying the typing tutor. We just bought a surplus computer just a year prior from the Y2K, a Pentium 1 when the latest would be a Pentium 4. It was during the time when carrying floppy disks was perceived as cool, but one accidental drop and poof!.files get corrupted. Better rely on the good ol’ typewriter for that.

I just wrote a trackback of my first moments with a computer. I am in the memory lane when my world was not yet invaded by technology. I was still very young that time, and I did spend my childhood mostly outside exploring the things around. Certainly, life was very simple, uncomplicated and easy. At least in a child’s point of view.

Now, I cannot imagine life if all the computers in the world will suddenly vanish. Not just computers, we will include the smartphones, tablets and all gadgets computer-related. Especially for me, our communication with my husband depends on computers. We live on different continents with different time zones, and technology is really the one that kept us close. There is no way for me to give up my online habit. Even if we will be living  with him in the future, still computers have a big role in keeping my ties with the rest of our families. That is just the sole reason for holding on to my computer. But then again if all my loved ones are just around, maybe that will be the time I can live without a computer.

Emerald Park, Regina, SK. Where my heart is.

Emerald Park, Regina, SK.
Where my heart is.