This is my Life

In response to the daily prompt:

This Is Your Life

As we journey in this life, part of it are the setbacks which more often than not, conditions our mind and feelings, and that makes us feel bad about ourselves. I for one,have encountered countless failures, be it trivial or a major life defining decision.Yet, there are times I felt my decisions were wrong. This is where the question comes in: would I want to know everything that will happen in my life, so as to avoid those blunders?

For me, it is a no. The element of surprise will not be there anymore. And its both a blessing and a curse, should I say. A curse, since we cannot avoid feeling fear, despair, anxiety. It can cause strained relationships, broken dreams, and lost self-confidence in the context of our human limitations. But it is a blessing, since I consider praying a form of communing with God, and in praying, it means entrusting all my hopes and desires to Him. I strongly believe in miracles, and have been a witness to it a number of times already. I call it Faith. Although there are times that something negative is imminent, still I turn to my faith in a strong hope that everything will turn out the best. A blessing, because in not knowing what will happen, we become submissive, and rely not on our human limits. SDC10059


A Whole New World

I have always been meaning to get back to this blog, especially now that there is so much that happened in my life that I wanted to share. Still a bit overwhelmed yet this reality seem to sink in more steadily. I am usually reserved on some personal matters but I just felt letting my thoughts out.

My little family just moved to Canada! Well technically, just me and my son Joaquin since hubs’ been already here for work the past three years. It has been our dream, hope and prayers that we will reunite, and finally this year God listened and decided that it’s the right time. Who could be more happier in hearing this news. Ecstatic would be an understatement for what we felt. Finally no more long distance relationship, no more absentee father for Joaquin, no more lonely Christmases, New Years and a lot more holidays.

So a couple of months ago, we had the first taste of icy cold wind here in Canada. And coming from a very hot country like the Philippines, this indeed is a whole new world.

This is Vancouver, BC view from the plane. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”

I was a bit late in my entry since life, as always, got in the way. This reward- I got during my birthday dinner together with the family. It sure is very satisfying to cap our meal, after a long tiring day of doing weekly chores.

IMG_4089I can’t think of anything as a reward, for now. My ultimate dream for a reward is a ticket to Canada for me and Joaquin!