Looking Up and Beyond


I relate Spring Time as a season of rebirth. Coming from a tropical country where we only know of two seasons, I am quite amazed at actually seeing trees and plants grow their leaves after months of being frozen in snow. And the clear blue sky was just calming and awesome. How wonderful is God’s creation.

This is my view one Sunday afternoon when we went to Wascana Park in Regina City. Hubs and I were lazily sprawled in the grass while little Joaqs just enjoyed himself and his bike.

My entry for Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”

I was a bit late in my entry since life, as always, got in the way. This reward- I got during my birthday dinner together with the family. It sure is very satisfying to cap our meal, after a long tiring day of doing weekly chores.

IMG_4089I can’t think of anything as a reward, for now. My ultimate dream for a reward is a ticket to Canada for me and Joaquin!