New Beginnings

Today’s the first day of the year 2017. Just like most people are accustomed to, now is the starting point of resolutions, accomplishing the bucket lists, and all that  whatnots. 

My previous new years were sort of filled with introspections; I spent a considerable amount of time doing my self-evaluation that I had a special notepad devoted just for the entries. Well, when I run through them once in a while I can’t help but feel silly yet glad that I have made them to remind me of how I fared in this existence. 

This year though, I decided not to get carried away with the hype of all that doing away with the norm. I feel its time to finally break free from the drama. I have not written a single resolution at this point. Simply because its not mandatory that we should decide on something only every new year. We can always do that anytime, and it does not make it less effective if done not on new year’s day. One thing, I just decided to write an entry on new year’s day hoping this will ensue a good start for this blog. Hope I can sustain once again.

To cap it off let me share a picture quote I just screencaptured from Instagram. 

Thanks and happy new year. Hopeful and blessed this 2017. 



2014 means POSITIVITY

It is already halfway of the first month of year 2014. By this time, we are in a post-holidays fever and most people have already sunk back into their normal work or study mode. As for me, I am now back to facing this computer monitor typing my heart and hands away, some ho-hum work-at-home thing. Truth is, I am slowly drifting to an employee mindset when I should be enjoying this new-found entrepreneurial state (of some kind) where I am now. Indeed, nothing comes easy in this life, just like mine. Hey am I contradicting my positive vibes? Enough.

So with the New Year comes the urge to make resolutions. RESOLUTIONS! I have been in a love-hate relationship with that word. I have written countless resolutions in the past, and as I tried to review them reading through my old journals, well, there were some that I have successfully accomplished, but there were a lot that have been in the list- year. After. Year. It upsets me, at the same time encourages me to be more mindful of the things I wrote down. It helps to be reminded of the things when they are actually written and enumerated. I read somewhere that ” Whatever we think about, we bring about”. It is so true, if we only consciously apply the principle of attraction in our life. Right now, I narrowed down my resolutions and renamed them GOALS. To achieve those goals I need to have PLANS,  concrete plans to attain them. I spent time doing the planning, and I hope it will be effective in making my 2014 a fruitful, positive and successful year for me and my family. In one of my lazy internet browsing, I found this video that lists 5 daily mantras for business success. I really copied the texts on the video for me to adapt that mantra. It is from the website She Takes on the World. The author recommends reciting or just have a quiet time affirming this mantra for 30 days, or how ever you want to keep these statements. I would love to share them.

  1. I am attracting an abundance of prosperity and opportunity to my business.
  2. I am always led to my ideal clients who need what my business is offering.
  3. I am becoming wealthier everyday that I choose to honor and follow my passion and purpose.
  4. What I give, I get back in abundance.
  5. I alone am whole and have everything I need; the money, the resources, the opportunities to take on the world.

This mantra, as I mentioned is for business success but it can be used also for as a guide for our personal goals and plans. I certainly hope and pray that I will be able to live up to this and with constant affirmation I can attract more positive things in my life not only this year but in the coming more years.

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