Health-Conscious, not!

As a response for the daily prompt Pour Some Sugar on Me, this is my take on the topic.


My kind of sweet craving is a tropical fruit salad made with fruits found in my home country the Philippines. Everytime I go some place to eat out, I always look up in the menu if this kind of dessert is served. I remember some years ago a co-worker buddy and I would troop to a certain restaurant to eat our favorite rice topping dish and this bowl of heaven after our weekend badminton workout. I was never the health-conscious one, at least during my early 20’s,  since I can eat like a beast yet still have those to-die-for arms and waistline. That’s why I’m not worried about counting calories. Now, I must admit I’m getting older biologically, and I’m already watching my food intake, because it’s costly to get sick nowadays.

To go back to this bowl of heaven as I would like to call it, it is made up of an assortment of fresh fruits such as mango, avocado, papaya, watermelon and of course banana. These are arranged randomly, then topped with a cream and condense milk combined. No sugar added, they are already sweet  in itself. The presentation makes it more inviting. When I took this photo I was savoring the taste, and right now as I am typing I am reliving the taste of of it on my palate. Such a nice memory…